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The Sheepdogs

Watch the official video for "Nobody"

Nobody – Official Music Video

Nobody – Live at YouTube Space Toronto

I’ve Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be

Let It Roll – Live

Sheeplife Music presents The Sheepdogs with ‘Changing Colours’

Cool Down / Kiss the Brass Ring – Live


Back to the UK this summer

One show in with Rival Sons and we’re already having such a good time we’ve decided to come back to the UK in...

We threw a party in a Saskatchewan Legion..

Watch the full Saturday Night video here to see what went down at the legion in Saskatoon:  Directed by Mat Dunlap and Ryan...

State of the Art: A Modern Music Playlist

A question we get all the time is what recent bands/artists do we like, as we’re obviously very much rooted in the sounds...